Miyoko is my interpretation of a senior maiko from modern Japan.

Miyoko is dressed for the Spring season. She is wearing purple and blue kanzashi, representing purple wisteria and irises. She also has golden butterfly ornaments in her hair.

Her golden furisode kimono features colorful butterflies, which seem to capture the joy of Spring in their dance. Under her furisode kimono, Miyoko wears two kimono, one of purple and one of white.

Miyoko's wine-colored brocade obi is longer than she is tall. I used traditional folding and tying to secure her kimono and obi.

Miyoko wears a pair of black lacquer okobo (sandals) and white tabi (socks). I painted pink blossoms on the okobo, and gave them yellow straps (which signify that Miyoko is a senior maiko).

Miyoko is in a private collection.