January 23, 2011

A Crystal Heart Bracelet

I have created a pearl and crystal bracelet that is both sweet and romantic. I made this Crystal Heart bracelet using cream rose Swarovski pearls, lavender ribbon, and a Swarovski AB crystal heart.

close up of AB cystal 











Swarovski crystals are precisely cut and have wonderful color and brilliance. I love designing with these crystals. They are always beautiful.

This bracelet would be a lovely accessory for a special occasion or for everyday. While the pearls are sophisticated, the crystal heart with the ribbon accent is both stunning and charming.

Cream Pearls with Crystal Heart Bracelet 

This bracelet is being offered through my Etsy shop:

Crystal Heart Bracelet







I am looking forward to designing more jewelry with crystal hearts. Hearts are one of my favorite shapes and these crystals are irresistible.

crystal heart bracelet 


January 13, 2011

The Oasis Necklace

The Oasis necklace evokes images of waterfalls and relaxation. I loved combining the onyx, sodalite, crystal, pearl, and silver beads into a long necklace that is casual, but elegant. I shall be able to wear this necklace in both the warm and cool months.



my oasis necklace 

Twin Nutcracker Ballet Bracelets

In December, I received a commission to create two Nutcracker Ballet bracelets. I have been told that the twin ballerinas loved their new bracelets.

 Twin Nutcracker Bracelets











The Nutcracker Ballet bracelet is a Swarovski pearl bracelet with sterling silver charms. This bracelet is a true delight for ladies who love The Nutcracker ballet.


November 28, 2009

Mystique and Epiphany

A few months ago, I designed two necklaces with pink freshwater pearls and silver beads. When I look at these necklaces, I think of journeys.

During my journeys, whether they are physical treks in different lands or mental exercises of discovery, I find myself enchanted by the mystery of a new concept or place. I immerse myself in the journey as much as possible. And, while I am exploring, I make discoveries and connections that I know I shall keep with me.



 evoking the moments when we want to discover more... know more... a fascination with the barely known, the foreign, or the changed... a labyrinth...waiting to be explored




evoking the discoveries we make throughout life... moments of enlightenment... perhaps moments of joy











The Journey



These two necklaces are in my private collection.

January 14, 2009


I recently completed a necklace, named Enchantment. I designed it with 8mm Tahitian Swarovksi crystal pearls, sterling silver beads, and a dichroic glass heart pendant.

The handcrafted dichroic glass heart is predominantly black and etched with lovely silver filigree. The pendant shimmers in blues, violets, and gold hues.

 This necklace is a choker length and rests at the base of my neck.

The Enchantment Necklace

 Enchantment Necklace- clasp detail


December 29, 2008

The Buttercream Butterfly Bracelet

I designed another bracelet this month for another niece. It is a sterling silver and Swarovski pearl bracelet that is overflowing with butterflies.

The rectangular silver beads have butterflies on them (which are beautiful, but did not photograph well) and the large charm is a buttercream enamel butterfly.

I do like the feminine and delicate mood this bracelet evokes.


December 26, 2008

The Nutcracker Bracelet

I made this bracelet for my daughter and nieces. It captures the sweetness and magic that is part of The Nutcracker ballet. The girls love the ballet, and they love this bracelet.

I used light creamrose and rosaline Swarovski pearls, light rose Swarovski crystals, silver stardust beads, and sterling silver charms.


The Nutcracker bracelet

December 23, 2008

Special Gifts in the Aurora's Dream Boutique


Click on any of the images to view the jeweled bookmarks in the Aurora's Dream Boutique. 

October 25, 2008

Midnight on the Nile

I have launched the Midnight on the Nile jeweled bookmark collection!! The Midnight on the Nile jeweled bookmark collection captures the ethereal beauty of a mythical, midnight cruise down the Nile. 

Chione's jewled bookmark

I'll be adding more bookmarks to this collection soon. There will be more bookmarks with lepidolite and lapis lazuli. I am also designing new bookmarks using onyx.

Jeweled bookmarks are elegant. Book lovers adore these. You can use these bookmarks for your diaries, photo albums, planners, and favorite books. The small bookmarks are perfect for small books.

You can view these bookmarks in my boutique.




August 27, 2008

Jeweled Bookmarks

I love books. I cherish the knowledge and stories I gather from them. In fact, my office and family room are beginning to feel like the perfect rooms- comfortable rooms lined with books, dolls, and pictures.

I also enjoy making and using jeweled bookmarks. These special bookmarks add artistic embellishments to any book. A Quiet Dawn












This bookmark features Swarovski crystals, cat's eye beads,and antique gold beads and charms.

I have given several of these bookmarks as gifts. Each recipient has always been very pleased and enchanted with their unique gifts.  Both children and adults have been delighted with them.

Because there has been such a positive repsonse to these delightful tools, I have decided to offer them through Aurora's Dream. You can look for them soon in our boutique.

Lotus @ Sunrise

This bookmark features pale blue and pink freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and a lotus charm.


May 26, 2008

The Beauty of Pearls

Pearls are one of my favorite gemstones. I love pearls because of their subtle glow. They do not have the brilliance of a cut diamond or sapphire, but their luster is soft and beautiful. 

My favorite pearl shapes are round, baroque, rice, and teardrop. My favorite pearl colors are tahitian, gold, white/cream, pink, mauve, blue, and peach. Pearls look best when they coordinate with the wearer's complexion and clothing.

Here is a detailed picture of the white pearl necklace I made to go with the Angelina dress:

girl's white pearl neclace with blue crystal rondelles






Here is a set of tahitian pearls I made: