April 10, 2013

From the Studio

I realized I had not posted an entry in awhile. This is not due to inactivity. On the contrary, I have spent a great deal of time creating. This makes me very happy!

So, in an attempt to share more of my thoughts and activities, I shall write more often - whether or not I have pictures to share.

In doll making...

I recently finished painting my latest porcelain doll, Cora. Cora is a gift for my beloved daughter. Cora is a harlequin doll. Last week, I set her soft-glass eyes and carefully trimmed and applied her eyelashes. I applied her eyelashes several times. It seemed I would never be happy with them, until, finally, I was. I do love the expression I achieved with her eye placement. I am also really pleased with her eye color.

At the moment, she is waiting for me to line her joints with cloth and string her body together. I hope to get to that before the end of this weekend. Then, I start her lovely dancing costume. My daughter also requested a mask for her.  Fun!!!

In dressmaking...

I made two smocked skirts with elastic shirring. I am in the process of creating the third skirt. My client picked three lovely sheer, lightweight fabrics. These gather beautifully. She picked a chiffon with a peach and soft teal "tie-dye" print, a georgette with a small blue and purple floral design, and an ivory organza (with a soft drape) that feature pale yellow roses.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about babies. No, I do not want to have a baby, but I think the time has come to start on a porcelain babydoll. Besides painting and creating the delightful little doll, I am eager to create some pretty dresses or gowns.


Until next time,


April 11, 2011

I Want the Fairy Tale

When I design gowns, I am often inspired by the idyllic fairy tale princess. I like to create dreamlike, ethereal gowns with feminine details, like lace, ruffles, tulle, pearls, and flowers.

When a lady puts on one of my gowns, or holds one of my dolls, she should imagine that fairy tale princess who is full of beauty, grace, loveliness, and goodness.


The Eirwyn Gown

While the fairy tale princess might be a dream, we can all strive to embody some of her best qualities.



February 01, 2011

The Romantic Tutu

The other day, I found myself gazing at a portrait of a 19th-century ballerina. She was wearing a light blue bodice with a matching tulle skirt that fell to her knees.

I adore the tutus from the 19th century. They are romantic, graceful, and very feminine.

Tutus from this time are often called romantic tutus. The bodice, waist, and skirts were adorned with flowers and ribbons. The skirts were several layers of long tulle.


Stage Rehearsal by Edgar Degas

The ballerinas must have looked lovely as they executed their quick steps and turns. The tulle of their skirts would have floated and swirled around them, adding to the beauty of their dance.

I have seen contemporary versions of the romantic tutu. These are just as delightful as the original ones that debuted in the 19th century. In fact, I recently saw a corps perform The Waltz of the Flowers. They were wearing pink romantic tutus with skirts  made from many layers of tulle that were sculpted to look like petals. As they turned, leaped, and stepped through the patterns, I was enchanted by the movement of their skirts. Truly, it added another dimension to the dance.

January 08, 2009

The Language of Roses

One of my favorite flowers is the rose. I love the colors, velvety texture, and scent of roses.

There is a lot of symbolism surrounding the rose. I think it is useful to learn the symbolism when one is designing dolls or jewelry. This can bring additional meaning to one's creations.

The rose color and the number of roses in an arrangement have meanings.

  • 1 rose - love at first sight; devotion to one person; I only love you.
  • 2 roses - waiting or mutual love between two people
  • 3 roses - I love you.
  • 5 roses - I love you very much.
  • 6 roses - I want to be yours.
  • 7 roses - I am infatuated with you.
  • 9 roses - long lasting love- as long as we live, eternal love
  • 10 roses - perfection; You are beautiful.
  • 11 roses - You are my treasured one.
  • 12 roses - Be mine.
  • 13 roses- a secret admirer or forever friends
  • 15 roses - I am sorry.
  • 20 roses - I am sincere.
  • 21 roses - I am committed (or devoted) to you.
  • 24 roses - You are always on my mind.
  • 36 roses- I'll remember our romantic moments.
  • 40 roses - My love is genuine.
  • 50 roses- I love you without regrets.
  • 99 roses- I shall love you until I die.
  • 100 roses - Harmonious devotion and love for a century or until death
  • 101 roses - You are my one and only love. Will you marry me?
  • 108 roses - Will you marry me?
  • 365 roses- I am constant and true. I love you every day.
  • 999 roses - My love will last forever.My love is everlasting.
  • 1001 roses - Eternal and faithful love.


November 08, 2008

And They Shall Wear Flowers in Their Hair...

I just love seeing girls and ladies with flowers in their hair. Some of my favorite hair accessories are floral headwreaths. Floral headwreaths can be vibrant, exuberant, delicate, whimsical, elegant, or romantic. Whatever the sense they evoke, floral head wreaths will bring a smile to the wearer's face and add to her beauty.

Earlier this year, I made several headpieces for a ballet production. My favorite creations were the floral headwreaths. I made a set of seven headwreaths that were based on the pastel shades of a rainbow.

Each wreath was unique. I used flowers, berries, crystals, leaves, and ribbons in each wreath.










Wouldn't these make a lovely set for the girls or maids in a wedding party? Floral wreaths are also great for performances, fairs, portraits, dances, and make-believe.


October 07, 2008

Dreaming of Castles

Although I do not build or decorate miniature dolllhouses (yet Smile), I do enjoy viewing them. I find dollhouses quite charming.

My dream dollhouse is actually not a castle; it is a Victorian Mansion with electricity and contemporary furnishings. 

If you could design a dream castle or home in miniature, what would your abode look like?

I have included links to two castles that I find absolutely delightful.

 The Dollhouse Castle

Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle

September 30, 2008

Who is a princess?

I do hate the fact that many people refer to spoiled, selfish brats as "princesses." These girls and women do not embody the qualities of a princess at all.

A princess is a lady who:

  • is noble and loving
  • has integrity and is honourable
  • radiates inner beauty, intelligence,  and strength
  • is good-natured and kind
  • is graceful and elegant
  • is well-mannered

Because of her fine qualities, she is loved and cherished by those around her.  

According to the tales, Princess Aurora was a gifted, young lady who was smart, beautiful, artistic, graceful, and kind. 

I strive to reflect a princess's qualities in my work and life. Hopefully, I can inspire my daughter and others to embrace them as well.