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April 10, 2013

From the Studio

I realized I had not posted an entry in awhile. This is not due to inactivity. On the contrary, I have spent a great deal of time creating. This makes me very happy!

So, in an attempt to share more of my thoughts and activities, I shall write more often - whether or not I have pictures to share.

In doll making...

I recently finished painting my latest porcelain doll, Cora. Cora is a gift for my beloved daughter. Cora is a harlequin doll. Last week, I set her soft-glass eyes and carefully trimmed and applied her eyelashes. I applied her eyelashes several times. It seemed I would never be happy with them, until, finally, I was. I do love the expression I achieved with her eye placement. I am also really pleased with her eye color.

At the moment, she is waiting for me to line her joints with cloth and string her body together. I hope to get to that before the end of this weekend. Then, I start her lovely dancing costume. My daughter also requested a mask for her.  Fun!!!

In dressmaking...

I made two smocked skirts with elastic shirring. I am in the process of creating the third skirt. My client picked three lovely sheer, lightweight fabrics. These gather beautifully. She picked a chiffon with a peach and soft teal "tie-dye" print, a georgette with a small blue and purple floral design, and an ivory organza (with a soft drape) that feature pale yellow roses.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about babies. No, I do not want to have a baby, but I think the time has come to start on a porcelain babydoll. Besides painting and creating the delightful little doll, I am eager to create some pretty dresses or gowns.


Until next time,


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