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August 28, 2012


Esmeralda, Esmeralda....




I do adore this dress. The story of this dress actually starts several years ago. My beloved friend traveled to India, and when she returned she gave me a beautiful, emerald silk sari. I loved it, but I knew I couldn't actually wear it as a sari. At first, I thought I would use it all for a porcelain doll- perhaps an Indian lady. Then, I decided I really wanted to wear this delectable silk myself. I began to wonder what sort of dress or top would make the best use of this material. I finally decided that a sundress with a surplice bodice and a slim, flowing skirt would work best.



I adapted a pattern for a camisole top (Simplicity 3956) into my dress pattern. The original pattern has a lot of ease in the waist and hips. I removed much of the ease in order to get a closer, more streamlined fit. Because I have an hourglass figure, I must make sure empire-waist silhouettes fit closely at my waist and hips. This is the most flattering fit for my figure.



Here is a detail shot of the fabric before I cut it.


This sari has two narrow borders running along the main part of the fabric. I used the narrow border as the border of my skirt and as the back side of my tie.

The broad, black border is gorgeous. Initially, I was going to use this as a midriff. Ultimately, I used a narrow band as my tie. I have saved the rest (along with the remaining green portion) for other projects

This silk has a soft, delicate drape. It is perfect for warm days. I love the way the design catches the sunlight. I almost feel like I am draped in tiny jewels.




I was very pleased with how this dress turned out. I felt regal and beautiful wearing it.









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