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December 11, 2011

Kissed By the Sun

My Daenerys doll has a light golden complexion that tells the story of long days spent in warm, golden sunlight. Her even skin tone is rich with rose and gold tones. You might be surprised to discover that all of the skin you see on Daenerys is painted; it is not bare porcelain.

unpainted porcelain bisque sample

unpainted bisque for daenerys

I applied several thin layers of china paints to the porcelain to achieve her warm complexion. Painting a doll's complexion requires lots of blending of layers and colors. When the doll is complete, I want the porcelain to appear smooth and unblemished. Using several layers of paint allows me to achieve a realistic complexion that has depth and nuance. This depth and nuance only enhances the beauty of the doll.

I think Daenerys' complexion has a lovely warmth and subtle glow.

A sample of Daenerys' golden tan

Daenerys- golden complexion 


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