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November 15, 2011

Layering Chiffon

I have been working on the first gown for my Daenerys doll. This gown has simple lines with some pleating in the back and a train.

To achieve the color and look I had imagined, I decided to layer two pieces of chiffon in different colors. I layered cream over light blue, resulting in a pale blue that reminds me of clouds. I love the softness of this color. I also adore the fact that I could create a gown that was paler than a pastel, but still had some color in it.






November 13, 2011

Introducing Daenerys

This weekend I finished assembling my Daenerys doll. I was so excited about her that I couldn't stop smiling. Even bad news didn't affect me for very long, because I had a new special doll.

My Daenerys is based on my interpretation of the character from the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I love how strong, brave, and intelligent Daenerys is.

Daenerys has pale platinum hair and violet eyes. I decided to give her tanned skin, because she lives in the sunny grasslands and I thought it would be a striking contrast to her pale hair.

I took a few preliminary pictures of her; and now, I can introduce her to you.

Originally, I planned to create one outfit for Daenerys, but now I am inspired to create several outfits for her. Her first outfit is a pale blue chiffon floor-length gown. I play with the simple lines of the gown and lightweight fabric to create a pleasing, feminine silhouette.


dani- face closeup















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