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January 23, 2011

A Crystal Heart Bracelet

I have created a pearl and crystal bracelet that is both sweet and romantic. I made this Crystal Heart bracelet using cream rose Swarovski pearls, lavender ribbon, and a Swarovski AB crystal heart.

close up of AB cystal 











Swarovski crystals are precisely cut and have wonderful color and brilliance. I love designing with these crystals. They are always beautiful.

This bracelet would be a lovely accessory for a special occasion or for everyday. While the pearls are sophisticated, the crystal heart with the ribbon accent is both stunning and charming.

Cream Pearls with Crystal Heart Bracelet 

This bracelet is being offered through my Etsy shop:

Crystal Heart Bracelet







I am looking forward to designing more jewelry with crystal hearts. Hearts are one of my favorite shapes and these crystals are irresistible.

crystal heart bracelet 


January 16, 2011

The Birdcage

It is not uncommon to see me reading a book, as it is no secret that I love books. It is also not uncommon to see one of my jewelry bookmarks draped against the spine of my book.

Jewelry bookmarks allow me to express my love for beautiful jewelry and books at the same time. I think that jewelry bookmarks are a fitting adornment for a treasured book.

This particular jewelry bookmark features an adorable golden bird in a silver cage that hangs from a strand of timeless tahitian-gray and white Swarovski pearls. 

This bookmark is both sophisticated and chic.

Silve birdcage bookmark 














You can visit my Etsy shop to see more sophisticated jewelry bookmarks. If you are interested in a certain color palette or charm, please contact me. I would love to create a special jewelry bookmark for you.

January 13, 2011

The Oasis Necklace

The Oasis necklace evokes images of waterfalls and relaxation. I loved combining the onyx, sodalite, crystal, pearl, and silver beads into a long necklace that is casual, but elegant. I shall be able to wear this necklace in both the warm and cool months.



my oasis necklace 

Twin Nutcracker Ballet Bracelets

In December, I received a commission to create two Nutcracker Ballet bracelets. I have been told that the twin ballerinas loved their new bracelets.

 Twin Nutcracker Bracelets











The Nutcracker Ballet bracelet is a Swarovski pearl bracelet with sterling silver charms. This bracelet is a true delight for ladies who love The Nutcracker ballet.


January 12, 2011

A Petite Bouquet

Earlier this evening, I made a hand-tied bouquet from petite white roses and lilies for Rose (a 1920's bride).

Each flower is slightly smaller than a dime.












It was fun arranging the tiny buds and tying the white satin ribbon to finish the bouquet. Despite its small size, this bouquet took quite a bit of time to arrange and hand-tie.


Finally, my Rose has a proper bouquet to hold.












All of the knots on a hand-tied bouquet ribbon must line up perfectly.





This is how the lovely bride would see the bouquet.





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