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Introducing Perryn Michelle

Recently, I completed Perryn Michelle. She is a commissioned porcelain doll that is intended to be a graduation present.


When we first started discussing this doll, my client told me that her daughter liked Marilyn Monroe, pink, and feminine things.  We did not want to create a doll that was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe; however, I created a new persona that was influenced by Marilyn Monroe's style. 

Perryn has pale blonde curls and blue-gray eyes. She is also graced with high cheekbones and full raspberry lips.


Perryn Michelle surrounded by Tulle


About Perryn

Perryn is the beloved sweetheart of her family. Her parents have treated her to a Sweet Sixteen garden party. To her great delight, they have commissioned a couture dress and custom jewelry. Perryn was so beguiled by this experience, she has started planning her debutante ball gown.

This young lady is attending her party in a soft-white silk dupioni dress that features ethereal straps made from Swarovski pearls and crystals and a delicate organza lace waist. She also wears a creamy white mink shawl. Her ensemble is completed with Swarovski crystal and pearl jewelry and an enchanting hydrangea corsage.

 Perryn enters the garden          Perryn's silk dress     


 Perryn's bejewelled corsage and purse



Perryn watches the fireworks
 Perryn watches the fireworks at the end of her party with wonder and gratitude...

 Perryn's Gallery


I hope you enjoy Perryn Michelle. She is a delightful doll and I shall miss her. Hopefully, she will be a welcomed treasure in her new home.




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