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November 28, 2009

Mystique and Epiphany

A few months ago, I designed two necklaces with pink freshwater pearls and silver beads. When I look at these necklaces, I think of journeys.

During my journeys, whether they are physical treks in different lands or mental exercises of discovery, I find myself enchanted by the mystery of a new concept or place. I immerse myself in the journey as much as possible. And, while I am exploring, I make discoveries and connections that I know I shall keep with me.



 evoking the moments when we want to discover more... know more... a fascination with the barely known, the foreign, or the changed... a labyrinth...waiting to be explored




evoking the discoveries we make throughout life... moments of enlightenment... perhaps moments of joy











The Journey



These two necklaces are in my private collection.

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