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May 20, 2009

From my Sketchbook: Masquerade Gowns for Little Princesses

Earlier in the year, my nieces asked me to design some gowns for a masquerade ball. I was delighted with the idea of designing ball gowns for young ladies (approximately pre-teen in age). I had a lot of fun thinking about different gowns that would be fit for a young princess.

I did not draw the masks that would accompany each gown, but it wouldn't surprise me if I designed a few masks in the near future.

While my nieces will not be hosting a masquerade ball this year, I have decided to keep the designs in mind for future projects. I might make a porcelain little girl who needs a ball gown.

Here are some of my favorite design ideas (the colors are suggestions):

Camille The Camille dress is a satin or velvet gown (with a black velvet sash) and a tulle underdress.

ElenaThe Elena gown is a satin gown over a satin petticoat trimmed in lace.


 MelodyThe Melody gown is a satin empire gown trimmed with pearls and crystals. This gown could also be made with an embroidered organza.

MorganThe Morgan gown could be made in satin, brocade, or velvet.


MirandaThe Miranda gown is satin with a brocade stomacher and petticoat (inset or full).

LydiaThe Lydia gown is satin with a satin petticoat trimmed with laces, pearls, and ribbons.


May 18, 2009

A Dress for the Father/Daughter Dance

Tallia wore the Selena dress to the Father/Daughter dance in early May. John and Tallia sat for a portrait at the dance, but I haven't received it yet. So, I am posting the snapshot I took before they left for the dance.

the Selena dress

I have written about the Selena dress in the past, but I'll include a brief desciption here.

I made the Selena dress from black organza and satin. I beaded the gown with white Swarovski crystal pearls and added a rich, cranberry satin sash. I think the pearls and the sash add a touch of elegant playfulness to the dress.

I also made Tallia's necklace, called Regina. The Regina necklace is made from a double strand of natural garnet, white Swarovski crystal pearls, and a gold fleur de lys charm.

Tallia does enjoy wearing these custom dresses. Each of these dresses is unique and beautiful. She (and I) always receive compliments.

May 05, 2009

Let's Be Merry: A Gown for a Medieval Feast

Last week, I made a medieval princess's gown for my daughter.

Her gown is a rich, royal purple satin, trimmed in silver. I decorated her long curls with purple flowers and a silver headband.

Tallia was elected as a Princess of the court. She spent the day dancing, eating, and doing medieval crafts.










This outfit was a lot of fun to make. Tallia said it was very comfortable, too.

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