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March 04, 2009

The Belle of the Ball Has Arrived

This past weekend I finished Lucia. She is a 23-inch porcelain lady. Lucia is attending a masquerade ball as Aurora, goddess of the dawn. Her romantic ball gown evokes the serenity and magic of dawn. 

Her gown is several layers of pleated and tucked chiffon. I used pale pink, primrose, wisteria, and pale gold chiffons. I embroidered her gown with tiny crystals of pink, white, and champagne and delicate pearls of pink and gold. 

She wears golden pearls and crystals in her dark auburn hair. Her necklace is a 3-strand torque of gold and pink pearls intermixed with crystals. She wears three pearl bracelets.

I made Lucia's mask from soft pink marabou feathers and fiery aurora borealis rhinestones.

As Lucia waltzes, her gown and jewels will capture the light. She will appear to float on air. Surely, Lucia will enchant her Prince.

Here are a few preview shots of her:






I'll be posting her gallery page very soon.

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