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January 21, 2009

Sumptuous Gowns

Last night, I was perusing my copy of Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century.  I cherish this book. If you are interested in 18th century fashion, you will love the scenes and paintings in this book.

Besides the historical notes in the text, the photography allows you to closely examine the clothes. You can clearly see the construction, lace, fabrics, and trims on the clothing. It is exquisite.

I was going to point out a favorite gown, but my mind cannot settle on one. I love too many.



January 14, 2009


I recently completed a necklace, named Enchantment. I designed it with 8mm Tahitian Swarovksi crystal pearls, sterling silver beads, and a dichroic glass heart pendant.

The handcrafted dichroic glass heart is predominantly black and etched with lovely silver filigree. The pendant shimmers in blues, violets, and gold hues.

 This necklace is a choker length and rests at the base of my neck.

The Enchantment Necklace

 Enchantment Necklace- clasp detail


January 08, 2009

The Language of Roses

One of my favorite flowers is the rose. I love the colors, velvety texture, and scent of roses.

There is a lot of symbolism surrounding the rose. I think it is useful to learn the symbolism when one is designing dolls or jewelry. This can bring additional meaning to one's creations.

The rose color and the number of roses in an arrangement have meanings.

  • 1 rose - love at first sight; devotion to one person; I only love you.
  • 2 roses - waiting or mutual love between two people
  • 3 roses - I love you.
  • 5 roses - I love you very much.
  • 6 roses - I want to be yours.
  • 7 roses - I am infatuated with you.
  • 9 roses - long lasting love- as long as we live, eternal love
  • 10 roses - perfection; You are beautiful.
  • 11 roses - You are my treasured one.
  • 12 roses - Be mine.
  • 13 roses- a secret admirer or forever friends
  • 15 roses - I am sorry.
  • 20 roses - I am sincere.
  • 21 roses - I am committed (or devoted) to you.
  • 24 roses - You are always on my mind.
  • 36 roses- I'll remember our romantic moments.
  • 40 roses - My love is genuine.
  • 50 roses- I love you without regrets.
  • 99 roses- I shall love you until I die.
  • 100 roses - Harmonious devotion and love for a century or until death
  • 101 roses - You are my one and only love. Will you marry me?
  • 108 roses - Will you marry me?
  • 365 roses- I am constant and true. I love you every day.
  • 999 roses - My love will last forever.My love is everlasting.
  • 1001 roses - Eternal and faithful love.


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