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December 29, 2008

The Buttercream Butterfly Bracelet

I designed another bracelet this month for another niece. It is a sterling silver and Swarovski pearl bracelet that is overflowing with butterflies.

The rectangular silver beads have butterflies on them (which are beautiful, but did not photograph well) and the large charm is a buttercream enamel butterfly.

I do like the feminine and delicate mood this bracelet evokes.


December 28, 2008

Tallia's Christmas Gown


I enjoy making dresses for my daughter. I make a few for her every year, and she is excited about every one. One of the dresses that she really loves to receive is her Christmas dress. This year, she requested that the main color be black. She made the same request last year, but I told her no and made a sweet dress in white Chantilly lace. She would have loved the same design in black Chantilly lace, but I feared that would be too mature for a little girl.

We found a delightful black organza that was embellished with black satin bows. I thought that this would be a very cute fabric for a little girl and that it might make a fun party dress.

This princess-seamed dress is made from black bridal satin with a black organza overlay, and features a full skirt. The bolero is made from black organza. To add something extra to this knee-length gown and bolero, I sewed white pearls underneath each satin bow.


To break up the black, I have added a cranberry satin sash.

Tallia looks adorable in the dress. I'll take her portrait later this week.

Most important, she loves the dress. I hope you enjoy it, as well.




December 26, 2008

The Nutcracker Bracelet

I made this bracelet for my daughter and nieces. It captures the sweetness and magic that is part of The Nutcracker ballet. The girls love the ballet, and they love this bracelet.

I used light creamrose and rosaline Swarovski pearls, light rose Swarovski crystals, silver stardust beads, and sterling silver charms.


The Nutcracker bracelet

December 23, 2008

Special Gifts in the Aurora's Dream Boutique


Click on any of the images to view the jeweled bookmarks in the Aurora's Dream Boutique. 

December 13, 2008

A Gown for Christmas

Every year, I sew a Christmas gown for my daughter. This year's gown will be her eighth Christmas gown. Sadly, it will not be her tenth, because I started this tradition after she turned two years old.

Earlier this Fall, we discussed this year's gown. Her only request was that the gown be black. I was surprised, and a little concerned. She is 9 years old, not sixteen. I was also a little disappointed, because I had designed a delightful white or off-white gown with cranberry red accents. I guess I wasn't even thinking about dark colors for her this year.

We did find some really nice fabrics in the color of her choice. I tried to convince her to go with another color, when we were browsing through the bolts at the fabric store, but I was unsuccessful. (Funny-I actually found an embroidered off-white organza with dark cranberry-red flowers. I might buy this fabric anyway for a doll project...) I did find a pretty black organza that had small black satin bows on it. I thought that this would bring a lot of cuteness to the outfit. I do always believe that little girls should look like little girls and not copies of teenagers or adults.

Perhaps, it is good that she picked the color. Blue is my favorite color, and I tend to gravitate to it.

First dress: Dark sapphire blue gown with a velvet bodice and taffeta skirt.

Second dress: Red velvet kneee-length dress with a cream ribbon sash

Third dress: white velvet, empire waist gown trimmed in white fur and featuring a silver underskirt

Fourth dress: Light gold satin ball gown

Fifth dress: Dark Garnet red velvet gown (inspired by Italian renaissance) with taffeta brocade underdress

Sixth dress: Light blue silk tea-length gown embroidered with crystals.

Seventh dress: White chantilly lace tea-length gown with a pale silver-blue ribbon sash.

Maybe, next year we'll try a gown in green, purple, or pink...


December 09, 2008

Making Daenerys: The Beginning

I thought it would be nice to share my porcelain doll making process with you.

Most of the time, my dolls are characters that I have imagined. Daenerys is different, because she is a literary character. Therefore, her initial characterization was created for me. As I sketched and designed my doll, I thought about how the author described Daenerys, her setting, her hopes, and the events that had shaped her life. I hope this portrait doll captures her strength, beauty, intelligence, and vulnerability.

After the conceptual phase, I searched for a mold that would serve as the canvas for my doll. I found the Chari mold by Doll Artworks.

soft-fired greenware for Daenerys- before cleaning  Soft-fired greenware

Carefully, I cleaned the fragile greenware. I cut out the spaces for her eyes, removed all of the seam lines, and sanded away the imperfections. When the greenware was as perfect as I could make it, I loaded my doll into the kiln.

During the bisque firing, the greenware (which is chalky) is transformed into hard, durable porcelain bisque. I then spent many hours polishing the porcelain, until it was silky-smooth.

After I polished the doll, I applied the first thin layer of china paint, which will be the foundation of her sun-drenched skin.

I shall share more about Daenerys in future posts.



 Porcelain bisque for Daenerys



December 02, 2008

Peek-a-boo with Crystal

I made this delightful, laughing baby for my daughter. Her name is Crystal. She is a very happy and playful baby. She is patiently waiting for her twin sister and a couture dress fit for a princess.


laughing baby

When I glanced into my daughter's room the other day, I noticed she placed a magician's hat on Crystal's head. This is the perfect hat for playtime!

You may wonder what kind of dress this little darling wants. She will wear a long gown of white embroidered organza with three tiers. Her gown will be dappled with clear crystals and white pearls.

Crystal is a unique, handcrafted porcelain doll, from the Reese mold by Doll Artworks. She has violet silicone eyes and a dark brown mohair wig.

December 01, 2008

Queen Daenerys, Mother of Dragons

I know I have been very quiet these past few weeks. Although I have not shared my thoughts, I have been quite busy. I recently completed the bisque firing (turns the cleaned greenware into hard porcelain bisque) for a new doll.

This doll is a 23" lady who will become Queen Daenerys. I have been planning this doll for a long time. She is a portrait of a literary character from The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. 

I shall share more about her during this month.

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