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November 08, 2008

And They Shall Wear Flowers in Their Hair...

I just love seeing girls and ladies with flowers in their hair. Some of my favorite hair accessories are floral headwreaths. Floral headwreaths can be vibrant, exuberant, delicate, whimsical, elegant, or romantic. Whatever the sense they evoke, floral head wreaths will bring a smile to the wearer's face and add to her beauty.

Earlier this year, I made several headpieces for a ballet production. My favorite creations were the floral headwreaths. I made a set of seven headwreaths that were based on the pastel shades of a rainbow.

Each wreath was unique. I used flowers, berries, crystals, leaves, and ribbons in each wreath.










Wouldn't these make a lovely set for the girls or maids in a wedding party? Floral wreaths are also great for performances, fairs, portraits, dances, and make-believe.


November 04, 2008

The Beauty of Eyes

Many beautiful words have been written about eyes. A common saying is "Eyes are the windows to the soul." 

If you want a doll that moves people, that speaks to people, that evokes some emotion, then the doll must have eyes that are evocative and expressive. One may wonder how an artisan can bring a sense of life to a doll. One way is with the eyes.

Doll artisans use various media for eyes. For porcelain dolls, an artisan can choose to paint the eyes or set the eyes.  Some artisans only paint eyes; and, some artisans prefer set eyes. I work with both; however, I do have a strong preference for glass and silicone set eyes.

Painted Eyes

Painted eyes are expressive and romantic. The doll artist layers the thinnest layers of paint, often using several colors and firings, to achieve depth and personality. Good eyes are never flat and lifeless. They are vibrant.

painted eyes      Painted Eyes

 Glass and Silicone Eyes

My favorite set in eyes are made from glass or silicone. I use handcrafted eyes that have a lot of realism. The irises in these eyes are often striated with various colors, giving them depth and personality.

bianca's silicone eyes





                                                      Silicone Eyes



Miyoko's glass eyes




     Glass Eyes




The big doll has glass eyes and the companion doll has painted eyesteddi with her doll.

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