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March 19, 2008

Designing Lingerie for a Modern Fashion Doll

I am currently costuming a 23" modern fashion doll, who I have named Lucia. Lucia is destined to be the belle of a midsummer masquerade ball. I am in the process of creating her elaborate ball gown.

I like to create undergarments for all of my dolls. This makes them more complete.

Lucia is a contemporary doll; so, I decided to create contemporary lingerie for her. I followed some guidelines from an article about doll's lingerie written by Catherine Mahler in Doll Crafter & Costuming. I made her lingerie out of gold lace ribbon. She is wearing a strapless bra, thong panties, and garters.

Here is a view of Lucia from the front:

full lingerie set


Here is a close up of her bra:lucia's bar




March 18, 2008

Heian era literature

Over the past few months, I have been reading about Heian Japan. I read The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. I have also read The Diary of Lady Murasaki and The Tale of Murasaki. My studies of the literature, history, and culture of Heian-era Japan are not finished. I intend to read some of the poetry and books written by Murasaki's contemporaries. I have also been reading about Japanese kimono from various eras.

I love the poetry (called waka) from this time. It is filled with many natural images. It is very serene. When I read the waka, I often think of peaceful afternoons spent in quiet reflection on the shore of a lake.

Here are some of my favorite waka from The Tale of Murasaki:

Why do we suffer so in the world? Just regard life as the short bloom of the mountain cherry.

 --Lady Murasaki


How can I view the birds on the water with indifference?

Like them, I float through a sad, uncertain world.

--Lady Murasaki


Cloudlessly clear unto etermity, the reflected moon lodges

peacefully on the water's surface.

--Lady Murasaki



Eventually, I shall be creating some dolls that represent women and girls from this era. It will be thrilling to create the silk robes and layer them in various color combinations.


March 05, 2008


This is my first attempt at creating an online diary. In this diary, I will share news about what I am currently thinking about or working on.

I am having a lot of fun with my current doll. I am working on Lucia. She is a porcelain doll from the Chari mold by Doll Artworks. I finished painting her a few months ago. She then rested in my closet, while I worked on other projects.

Lucia is a contemporary lady who is attending a masquerade ball. Her costume concept is the "Lady of the Dawn". I have made her a mask of pink marabou feathers and rhinestones. I found chiffons in pale pink, primrose, and wisteria. I also found a gorgeous sheer, gold metallic cloth. So, her color scheme is soft pinks, purple, and gold- just like the dawn sky.

The gown is a ballroom style. Her bodice and skirt will be draped with multiple layers of chiffon. You will see the top layers of her petticoat, which are made from white satin and golden chiffon. I plan to use pick-up gathering in the petticoat. I plan to place jewels in the gathers.

So far, I have finished her lingerie, which is made from golden lace. I am currently sewing her petticoat.

 I'll post some pictures of her lingerie and mask later this week.

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