April 10, 2013

From the Studio

I realized I had not posted an entry in awhile. This is not due to inactivity. On the contrary, I have spent a great deal of time creating. This makes me very happy!

So, in an attempt to share more of my thoughts and activities, I shall write more often - whether or not I have pictures to share.

In doll making...

I recently finished painting my latest porcelain doll, Cora. Cora is a gift for my beloved daughter. Cora is a harlequin doll. Last week, I set her soft-glass eyes and carefully trimmed and applied her eyelashes. I applied her eyelashes several times. It seemed I would never be happy with them, until, finally, I was. I do love the expression I achieved with her eye placement. I am also really pleased with her eye color.

At the moment, she is waiting for me to line her joints with cloth and string her body together. I hope to get to that before the end of this weekend. Then, I start her lovely dancing costume. My daughter also requested a mask for her.  Fun!!!

In dressmaking...

I made two smocked skirts with elastic shirring. I am in the process of creating the third skirt. My client picked three lovely sheer, lightweight fabrics. These gather beautifully. She picked a chiffon with a peach and soft teal "tie-dye" print, a georgette with a small blue and purple floral design, and an ivory organza (with a soft drape) that feature pale yellow roses.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about babies. No, I do not want to have a baby, but I think the time has come to start on a porcelain babydoll. Besides painting and creating the delightful little doll, I am eager to create some pretty dresses or gowns.


Until next time,


February 28, 2013


The Valencia dress is fun and sensual. The split flutter sleeves highlight your arms. The cinched, wrapped waist draws attention to your figure. The asymmetrical hem creates a whimsical frame for your legs. This would be a great dress for dancing. Because I am a dancer at heart, I love the flirtatiousness and simple beauty of this dress. Honestly, it makes me smile, when I put it on.

Have you tried a wrap dress yet? Most stylists recommend wrap dresses. Wrap dresses accentuate the feminine figure and help to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, if one does not exist. If you have an hourglass figure, you should have several wrap dresses to make sure you are highlighting your waist.

I used Vogue 7898 and a lovely black jersey with a flocked velvet print to create my dress. I love this design! I would like to have at least one more dress like my Valencia. I'll look for a vibrant or rich color for my next version.












February 26, 2013

Aislynn: Elegance in Ivory

First, I must say that I adore the Aislynn dress. I think it is perfect for me. It is modern, feminine, and sophisticated. I feel lovely when I wear it.

I love the fabric and the pattern (McCall's 6612) I used as my starting point for this dress. The fabric is a soft, ivory sweater knit that is of medium weight and slight stretch. It has a nice amount of body to it and drapes over my figure nicely. I think the creamy ivory color complements my complexion, as well.

I think sweater dresses should be close-fitting, but not tight. Because sweater knits have their own bulkiness or weight to them, it is important that they do not add unattractive bulges to one's figure. I like wearing the Aislynn with a belt to highlight my smaller waist. I think this accentuates the feminine allure of the dress.

When I wear this dress, I certainly feel alluring and elegant.








August 28, 2012


Esmeralda, Esmeralda....




I do adore this dress. The story of this dress actually starts several years ago. My beloved friend traveled to India, and when she returned she gave me a beautiful, emerald silk sari. I loved it, but I knew I couldn't actually wear it as a sari. At first, I thought I would use it all for a porcelain doll- perhaps an Indian lady. Then, I decided I really wanted to wear this delectable silk myself. I began to wonder what sort of dress or top would make the best use of this material. I finally decided that a sundress with a surplice bodice and a slim, flowing skirt would work best.



I adapted a pattern for a camisole top (Simplicity 3956) into my dress pattern. The original pattern has a lot of ease in the waist and hips. I removed much of the ease in order to get a closer, more streamlined fit. Because I have an hourglass figure, I must make sure empire-waist silhouettes fit closely at my waist and hips. This is the most flattering fit for my figure.



Here is a detail shot of the fabric before I cut it.


This sari has two narrow borders running along the main part of the fabric. I used the narrow border as the border of my skirt and as the back side of my tie.

The broad, black border is gorgeous. Initially, I was going to use this as a midriff. Ultimately, I used a narrow band as my tie. I have saved the rest (along with the remaining green portion) for other projects

This silk has a soft, delicate drape. It is perfect for warm days. I love the way the design catches the sunlight. I almost feel like I am draped in tiny jewels.




I was very pleased with how this dress turned out. I felt regal and beautiful wearing it.









April 10, 2012

The Lady in Gray

I love wearing gray. It is one of my favorite colors in my wardrobe. I love charcoal, silver, and pale gray. I think of gray as a sophisticated color, like black or white, which are also part of my wardrobe's color palette.

When I found this Vogue DKNY pattern, I was thrilled to find a wool fabric in charcoal. I thought I would be able to create a chic and comfortable dress. I was right.


I love my new dress. I adore the pleats on the bodice and waistline. I also love the way the dress drapes my figure. This is a wonderful addition to my Winter wardrobe.

















A little while ago, I found this lovely slate gray lace in the fabric store. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to design a sleeveless blouse. I was inspired by the dress materials and designs used in the 1920's. To keep the design airy and feminine, I decided to line the lace with black chiffon.

The Esme Blouse




I love the lightness and feminine lines of this blouse.


I love the fact I was able to create a lovely and fun blouse from chiffon, lace, and velvet ribbon.





















January 13, 2012

Daenerys in Blue

Daenerys' first ensemble features a delectable and ethereal valyrian gown in celestial blue. An elegant creation made from cream and light blue chiffon, this gown is secured by a delicate white ribbon around her neck. Carefully placed pleats add soft shaping to this draped gown. Additionally, a single silver pendant adorns the bodice.





























Daenerys does not require much jewelry to enhance this sophisticated dress. She wears a braided silver headband and silver and diamond earrings.

















The dramatic back drape accentuates the low, open back, which falls gracefully into a split train.


























As Daenerys walks along the palace terraces, her gown floats gently around her, forming eddies of cream and blue.





December 11, 2011

Kissed By the Sun

My Daenerys doll has a light golden complexion that tells the story of long days spent in warm, golden sunlight. Her even skin tone is rich with rose and gold tones. You might be surprised to discover that all of the skin you see on Daenerys is painted; it is not bare porcelain.

unpainted porcelain bisque sample

unpainted bisque for daenerys

I applied several thin layers of china paints to the porcelain to achieve her warm complexion. Painting a doll's complexion requires lots of blending of layers and colors. When the doll is complete, I want the porcelain to appear smooth and unblemished. Using several layers of paint allows me to achieve a realistic complexion that has depth and nuance. This depth and nuance only enhances the beauty of the doll.

I think Daenerys' complexion has a lovely warmth and subtle glow.

A sample of Daenerys' golden tan

Daenerys- golden complexion